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Emmett Smith are fully qualified in Gas Commercial Catering (Natural Gas & LPG) and LPG Mobile & Event Catering (restaurants, care home kitchens, school kitchens, burger vans, lay-by cafes, public events, etc). Many commercial catering standards and regulations have changed over the past few years.

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For any caterer an understanding of the gas safety and use regulations is essential.

We at Emmett and Smith service and maintain LPG and natural gas fired catering equipment throughout the Northwest of England, and what we find is that customers do not do their research when they are setting up a new kitchen, adding or replacing a piece of gas catering equipment.

With most new kitchens the current gas regulations should have been taken into account, but this is not always the case. When an item is being replaced in an existing kitchen don’t assume that it is just a matter of buying a replacement and getting it fitted.

A qualified gas engineer should not fit a new or second hand replacement item of equipment if your kitchen does not meet the current gas regulations.

Some of the main things that need looking at are extraction, air input, gas interlock, supply gas meter and pipe work. If in doubt we at Emmett and Smith can give advice and guidance in understanding the current regulations.

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